10 Mar 2023


Modern Literature Department of the Institute of Language and Literature named after Rudaki was established in November 1940 on the basis of the History and Linguistics Department of the Tajik Department of the Institute of History, Language and Literature of the Academy Sciences of the Soviet Union. Over the years of its activity, the department has carried out important and fundamental works on the basis of research and study of modern Tajik literature, like the two-volume "Essay on the history of Tajik Soviet literature" (1956-1957) and the fundamental work of "Tajik Soviet literature History. Development of genres consisting of 6 volumes" (1980).

During this period, this Department was headed by academician M. Shakuri (1951-1988); candidate of philological sciences H. Shodikulov (1988-1993); candidate of philological sciences A. Nabiev (1993-1994); candidate of philological sciences H. Shadikulov (1994-1998); doctor of philological sciences M. Rajabi (1998-2001); academician Kh. Otakhonova (2003-2008); doctor of philological sciences Sh. Solehov (2009-2012); candidate of philological sciences Sh. Mahmadshoev (2013-2014); candidate of philological sciences A. Hakim (2015); candidate of philological sciences Abdurahimov A. (2015-2017), doctor of philological sciences Sh. Rahmonov (2017-2021). Also, the following scientists have worked in this Department: R. Hodizoda, L. N. Demidchik, S. Tabarov, R. Hashim, A. Maniyozov, A. Saifulloev, Sh. Niyozi, S. Davronov, J. Baqozada, Z. Mullojonova, A. Abdumannonov, Y. Akbarov, A. Aminov, Kh. Hashimova and others.


The most important achievements of the staff of the department in the study and review of modern literature of the XX-XXI centuries include the following works: Kh. Otakhonova: “Phenomena of new research” (1972); L. N. Demidchik: “History of Soviet-Tajik literature. Prose of the 30s” (1978); M. Shakuri: “History of Soviet-Tajik Literature: Prose of 1945-1974” (1980); Kh. Otakhonova: “Connection of feeling and thought” (1981), Kh. Otakhonova: “Development of poem in modern Tajik poetry" (1983); A. Nabiev: "Artistic creativity, person and time" (1983); H. Otakhonova, A. Abdumannonova: "Abulqosim Lohuti" (1987); M. Shukurov: "Realistic prose and the evolution of aesthetic consciousness" (1987); A. Nabawi: "The image of the inner world of a person, writer and time" (1987), J. Baqozoda "Writer and the ideal of time" (1987), M. Rajabi: "The research of history – the research of character" (1990).


The achievements of this department for independence period are the following: A. Nabiev: "Literature and critique" (1993), M. Shakuri: "Khurosan is here. Spirituality, language and national revival of Tajiks" (1996), Marufi Rajabi: "History of criticism and literary studies", Kh. Otakhonova: "Textual issues of modern Tajik literature" (1999), M. Shakuri "The great lighter" (2006), M. Rajabi: "Sotim Ulughzoda – a great man of battle and thought" (2004), A. Nabavi: "Narzullo Bektosh and Tajik science and literature of the 20-30 years" (2004) Sh. Solehov: "Poetics of the narrative genre of the 70-80s of the 20th century" (2006), M. Shakuri "People's aesthetic vision and realistic prose" (2006), M. Shakuri: "A Look at Tajik Literature of the Twentieth Century" (2006), A. Nabavi:"Bukhara Sharif" the founder of the Tajik national press", "The native war and Tajik literary thought" (2015), Sh. Rahmonov: "Evolution of units and organization of lyric in Tajik Persian poetry" (2015), Kh. Hashimova: "The genre of tale in the prose of the Independence period" (2017), A. Hakim: "Lyric types (second half of the 20th century)" (2020), Abdukholiqi Nabavi: "Two bright faces of modern literature" (2021) and others

Employees of this department have been honored with literary and scientific awards, including the State Award named after Abuali Ibn Sina and Rudaki, the Literary Award named after Sadriddin Aini and Mirzo Tursunzoda.