09 Mar 2023


The Literary Museum of Sadriddin Ainy was established in 1963 by the decision of the Central Committee of the Communist Party and the Council of Ministers of Tajikistan. The Literary Museum of Sadriddin Ainy was originally an institution of the Ministry of Culture of the SSR of Tajikistan. Then, in 1966, it was handed over to the Academy of Sciences  ​​of the SSR of Tajikistan. On the occasion of Sadriddin Ainy's 100th birthday, the Museum was renovated and its materials and documents increased. The museum opened its doors to visitors in 1978 by the Decision of the Executive Committee, the Council of Ministers and the Decision of UNESCO dedicated to the hundredth anniversary of the writer's birthday. The museum consists of different rooms; each of them contains a page from the life and creative literary, scientific and educational activities of Sadriddin Aini.

The museum is located in the center of Dushanbe city, Ismoili Somoni district, Hamza Hakimzoda Street,  1 House. Ustod Sadriddin Aini spent the last years of his life (1951-1954) in this residence together with his family. The number of exhibits of the Museum is 150, the number of basic means is 189, the number of books is about 2000, which includes writer’s works in different languages ​​and published in different years, as well as books entered into the Museum. In the archive, the writer's manuscripts, correspondence with various personalities, diaries and magazines, books used by the writer are preserved and protected as well  as.

         In the halls of the museum, there are exhibits that provide information on the life and literary, social and scientific activities and various periods of the writer's life. From the first days of the establishment of the museum until now, the following personalities have been active in promoting scientific work of the museum: Maryam Davlatova, Akram Gholomov, Shafoat Eshonova, Zuhro Shahidi, Mohsharif Tabarova.

Currently,  Gulbi Musavirova is the head of the museum.